Complementary wireless

Designed for top system sensitivity

Objects with many talents, today’s smartphones are equipped with a host of complementary wireless applications – from Wi-Fi, to Bluetooth, to GNSS, to mobile TV. But achieving a high quality signal over a larger coverage area is a modern-day challenge. The solution: better system sensitivity in wireless applications.

Complementary wireless solutions from Infineon

Infineon’s broad portfolio of German-engineered solutions includes a dedicated low noise amplifier (LNA) for each wireless application. It improves the system’s noise figure (NF) and thereby enhances reception sensitivity. By using our MMIC LNA and LNA modules, you can create designs with the lowest NF and low current consumption, resulting in highest-possible system sensitivity.

Also, enjoy ultimate design flexibility with our complete product portfolio. Compact and facilitating a high-level of integration, our components help your designs achieve great success. Explore the range of wireless applications to find the right solution for your specifications.

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