Chargers and adapters

Flexible MOSFETs for mobile accessories

These days, smaller and thinner are often viewed as better. But in charger and adapter applications for mobile devices, the demand for smaller size introduces a host of new challenges. Such as achieving the desired thermal performance and efficiency, or creating designs suitable for large volume production without manual processes.

Charger and adapter system diagram

Top quality at an excellent price point

To meet the demands of today’s smartphone chargers and adapters, Infineon offers a broad selection of reliable, highly efficient MOSFETs, such as CoolMOS CE and OptiMOS 5. Conveniently select from a wide range of voltage classes, RDS(on) and packages – even very small ones – depending on your design’s precise needs.

Our components’ low cost and high performance ensure you don’t have to compromise on price or quality. Designing for different markets? No problem. We offer different voltage classes in the same package so you can easily reuse the same PCB while catering to specific market requirements.