3D printers

Today, consumers can create a growing list of objects with nothing more than a digital file and a 3D printer. While the excitement is understandably big, 3D printers continue to face a number of limitations – most notably size and speed – that currently prevent the technology from fully replacing a number of assembly line manufacturing process.

Moving beyond these limitations to create winning 3D printing designs requires a highly reliable motor control solution with excellent speed control and position detection capabilities. Furthermore, the compact power supply must offer top energy efficiency and power density.

3D printer system diagram

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Infineon's solutions for 3D printers - Industry-leading product-system-solution for an efficient and optimized 3D printer
Infineon's solutions for 3D printers - Industry-leading product-system-solution for an efficient and optimized 3D printer

3D printing solutions from Infineon

In our complete portfolio of semiconductor solutions, find components and system solutions for 3D printing designs destined for high acclaim. This includes our 40V-800V MOSFETs, CoolSET™ or integrated point-of-load converters (SupIRBUCK™) for power management, our µIPM™, NovalithIC™, sensor solutions and XMC4500 microcontroller for motor control, and our OPTIGA™ Trust E or OPTIGA™ Trust TPM for data communication security.

As a leader in power management, we set the benchmark in power supply designs, ensuring highest efficiency ratings and higher power density. Thanks to their high level of integration, our motor control solutions (up to 300W) allow you to significantly reduce PCB space and to lower system cost. Because they are capable of precise rotor position detection, our sensors facilitate more accurate switching points and higher torque. As proven by our exceptional track record, every component bearing the Infineon name is as robust as it is reliable.

Evaluation Board Description

Demoboard for indutrial step-down DC/DC converter with integrated MOSFET and 1.8A current capability. 


XC878 with vector computer, XE164 real time signal controller with MAC unit. Power board 23V–56V, 7.5A. 15W PMSM motor and plug-in 24V power supply. Using Infineon 6ED003L06 gate driver, BSC 196N10 MOSFETs, CoolSET™ ICE 3B0565 power supply and TLE 4264 LDO. Software package including source code. Sensorless FOC of PMSM with XE164. Sensorless FOC of PMSM with XC878.

EVAL-2EDL23N06PJ Evaluation board for 2EDL23N06PJ - Optimized 600V half bridge gate driver IC with LS-SOI technology to control MOS-transistors.
EVAL-1EDI60I12AF Evaluation board for 1EDI60I12AF – two 1200V single channel coreless transformer isolated gate driver IC in half bridge configuration for MOS-transistors or IGBTs.