White goods

White goods comprise a broad selection of essential everyday appliances – from fridges and washers to air conditioners and more. Here, today’s consumers seek quiet, highly efficient systems with the right feature set, such as stable and smooth starting, a wide range of speeds and vibration suppression. To win over consumers with your major appliance design, you need components that facilitate a product’s reliability and energy efficiency as well as new form factors. An attractive price-performance ratio is a must. Likewise for new features that transform white goods into smart appliances.

White goods - variable speed washer system diagram

Solutions from Infineon for white goods appliances

We at Infineon offer a comprehensive portfolio of power management, sensing, control and high-voltage semiconductor technologies for modern white goods appliances, allowing you to perfectly fulfill consumer demands. These technologies are included in the iMOTION integrated design platform that brings together digital, analog and power building blocks and digital control algorithms to deliver optimized architectures for efficient and accurate motor control. Our top quality digital motion controller also allow you to include all advantages of inverterisation, such as energy efficiency, less noise and longer lifetimes, in your design.

Turn to Infineon for major appliance design support in the form of application notes, design tips, technical papers and reference designs. And know that with us you can easily differentiate your white goods designs by making them more reliable and energy efficient.

Evaluation Boards Description
KIT_LED_XMC1202_AS_01 The RGB LED Lighting Shield from Infineon is one of the first intelligent evaluation boards compatible with Arduino as well as Infineon's XMC1100 Boot Kit. The RGB LED Lighting Shield with XMC1202 for Arduino uses a DC/DC buck topology and is able to drive up to 3 LED channels with constant current. The shield itself is powered by a programmable XMC 32-bit ARM® MCU with embedded Brightness Color Control Unit (BCCU, XMC1200 MCU series), for flicker-free LED dimming and color control.
EVAL-6EDL04I06PT Evaluation Board for 6EDL04I06PT - Full bridge 3 Phase gate driver IC with LS-SOI technology to control power devices like MOS-transistors or 600V IGBTs.
EASYKIT DCDC DC/DC converter system Evaluation Kit for the F4-50R07W1H3_B11A EasyPACK 1B Automotive Power Modules.
KIT_AK_3PHASE_DRIVE_V1 3-phase drive application kit: 0.75kW power stage for consumer and industrial drives, XC886 motor control unit with molded CIPOS™ module and integrated AC/DC converter. Seperately application kit for PMSM/BLDC and induction motors (110V and 220V).
DEMOBOARD TLD1315EL 1 in/3 out - PWMI and N-1 (N-1 can disable all output stages of all connected Basic LED Driver ICs during an open load event on one channel).