Vacuum cleaner

Rising electricity costs, stricter government regulations and greater consumer expectations: these factors are driving manufacturers to design more energy efficient, quieter and compacter vacuum cleaners and vacuum robots, with better value-for-money. To stay competitive, manufacturers must increase motor power to improve suction, use higher speed motors and find a way to differentiate their vacuum cleaning system. Likewise, better energy efficiency is attained by reducing power consumption. In comparison to their predecessors, today’s vacuum cleaners are compacter, lighter and significantly longer in lifetime – all aspects with great consumer appeal.

Vacuum cleaner system diagram

Vacuum cleaner technology from Infineon

To help you overcome these vacuum cleaning system challenges, Infineon offers a comprehensive portfolio of discrete IGBTs, such as the RC-Drives (RC-D) and RC-Drives Fast (RC-DF), discrete MOSFETs and IPMs. Outstanding performance efficiency, small component size and our wide product range allow you to design a compact, highly integrated and more powerful vacuum cleaner system at a lower price. All factors that significantly contribute to a product’s success on today’s market. Also, our wide range of complementary products – drivers, sensors and controllers – are ideal for all stages of vacuum cleaner power management.

Questions about your design? With years of vacuum cleaner technology experience, Infineon engineers are available to help optimize your system design and cost, expediting the time it takes to get the products to market. Expect more and get more when you select Infineon for vacuum cleaner applications

Evaluation Board Description
DEMOBOARD IFX91041 Demoboard for indutrial step-down DC/DC converter with integrated MOSFET and 1.8A current capability
 KIT_AK_FOCDRIVE_V1  XC878 with vector computer, XE164 real time signal controller with MAC unit. Power board 23V–56V, 7.5A. 15W PMSM motor and plug-in 24V power supply. Using Infineon 6ED003L06 gate driver, BSC 196N10 MOSFETs, CoolSET™ ICE 3B0565 power supply and TLE 4264 LDO. Software package including source code. Sensorless FOC of PMSM with XE164. Sensorless FOC of PMSM with XC878.
TLE4998 EVALBOARD The kit consists of a PGSISI box (programming interface) and an evaluation board which allows evaluation of the linear Hall TLE 4998 family. The evaluation board (PCB) is available separately (without PGSISI box).
DEMOBOARD TLD1315EL 1 in/3 out - PWMI and N-1 (N-1 can disable all output stages of all connected Basic LED Driver ICs during an open load event on one channel)
DEMOBOARD IFX81481 Demoboard for industrial DCDC buck controlling synchronously two external N-MOSFETs
EVAL-2ED020I12-F2 Evaluation Board for 2ED020I12-F2 - Galvanic isolated dual channel IGBT driver IC with CT technology for 600V/1200V IGBTs.
EVAL_SSO8_1KW_BLDC The 1kW Evaluation Board represents the Infineon’s solution for an inverter stage of medium power motor control applications such as cordless power tools with an input voltage of 20VDC . This reference design is showing the performance of Infineon's 40V Power MOSFET Family OptiMOS™ in terms of efficiency, parallelization and thermal behavior.
EVAL-1EDI60I12AF Evaluation Board for 1EDI60I12AF – two 1200V single channel coreless transformer isolated gate driver IC in half bridge configuration for MOS-transistors or IGBTs.