Videos about Home Appliance Applications

Watch videos about home appliance applications, featuring high-quality semiconductor solutions from Infineon.

Induction Cooking

Room Air Conditioning

To meet the challenges of Inverterized Drives Infineon provides innovative solutions, all out of one hand. For Aircon systems Infineon offers a system solution consisting of an active PFC and an Inverter Stage. The cost-performance optimization allows a reduced bill-of-material and a performance increase of the application itself.

RC-Drives – optimized solution for Consumer Drive Applications:
Expansion of Infineon’s reverse conducting (RC) technology of IGBT plus anti-parallel diode in a single die for 600V. Specifically designed for hard switching applications; for example inverterised fans, compressors, washing machine motors and general purpose drives. Cost optimized and offering excellent space saving capabilities available in 4A, 6A, 10A and 15A current classes in either IPAK (TO-251) or DPAK (TO-252).
Applications: domestic and industrial drives: compressors, pumps, fans