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For consumers, a home appliance takes over everyday tasks and makes life much easier and more comfortable – be it washing clothing or dishes or cooling a home. Historically home appliances have been big energy consumers. But at an age of heightened awareness for the environment and financial costs, the demand for energy efficient systems is rapidly growing. At the same time, consumers expect the sleekest, quietest, most compact and visually appealing home appliances. Also, connectivity between an increasing number of devices requires a fallback for user privacy. Product designers are challenged in terms of form and function: They must deliver smaller, smarter secure solutions that are the most powerful – and the most energy-efficient.

Buzzword: inverterization

More and more home appliances, including refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, air condition units, are getting a boost in the form of a digital inverter to control the motor. It can turn the motor on and off as required, as well as intelligently regulate its performance. Consumers clearly benefit from the inverterization trend: appliances with digital inverters have longer lifetimes, make less noise, and consume less energy.

From the stove at home to out in the world
From the stove at home to out in the world

Home appliance industry solutions from Infineon

Industry-leading technology and manufacturing expertise from Infineon helps you overcome the challenges unique to designing a major home appliance. Our line of innovative components meets, and exceeds, even the most rigorous requirements for reliability, quality, security and energy efficiency. Explore your application of interest to learn more about innovative design options and to find dedicated solutions.

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