Valve control for trucks and agricultural vehicles

Whether hydraulic or pneumatic, control valve management systems must have the right characteristics and functions to meet CAV demands. To efficiently control an inductive valve, a hydraulic management system has to be precise and robust enough to withstand harsh environments and engineered to provide the right selection of protective and diagnostic functions. A pneumatic management system, on the other hand, is typically chosen because it’s cost friendly and easier to integrate (no need for a reservoir) than its hydraulic counterpart, but can still withstand a harsh environment.

Solutions for hydraulic or pneumatic management systems

Infineon offers a complete system solution for hydraulic valve control. The pump and the valve are driven by the PROFET™ + 24V , high side switches dedicated to the 24V system that can handle 65V load dump. The pin to pin compatibility and the software compatibility of the PROFET™ + offers to the customer a high flexibility. For example, the pump that bring the liquid into the valve is driven by a 20mOhm PROFET™ + 24V and the valve by a 30mOhm. The valve and the pump can be driven via linear activation or demand-controlled via PWM signals. The complete solution for 24V hydraulic or pneumatic management is in our automotive portfolio : Sensor, Supply (DCDC and linear voltage regulator), Microcontroller, transceivers and actuators (PROFET™ + 24V).