Auxiliary applications for commercial, construction and agricultural vehicles

Harvesters, chain saws, air conditioning systems: auxiliary applications for trucks and agricultural vehicles may come in different forms, but from an engineering perspective they have similar needs. To be competitive today, they must be compact, reliable, and cost- and energy-efficient. As well as safe and robust. What you’re also looking for: a scalable system-level solution that reduces the time to market and the total cost of ownership. From controls to drivers to power electronics, Infineon is your one-stop-shop for auxiliary application designs. Our engineers also offer comprehensive know-how, support and troubleshooting to ensure the success of your auxiliary applications for trucks and agricultural vehicles.

Auxiliary applications for trucks and agricultural vehicles system diagram

System benefits

  • Power-product portfolio including both power module and discrete solutions
  • Gate drivers featuring galvanic isolation
  • Highly efficient 3-phase motor operation thanks to very low conduction losses, even at high switching frequencies
  • Broad 32-bit microcontroller solutions dedicated to (H)EV applications