LED lighting for trucks and agricultural vehicles

With lighting now a main differentiating trait in vehicle design, the need in LED truck lights has soared for highly flexible solutions that accommodate a broad range of LED configurations. In particular, a highly-efficient and flexible DC-DC controller is in high demand. What’s more, it’s important to know when a LED has burned out, a diagnostic feature made possible by the LED rear light module. But this module must be both highly-functional and low-cost.

In Infineon’s product portfolio, find the best-fit solutions for LED truck lights. Discover what’s possible with our LED driver ICs that support various DC/DC topologies. And as inventor of the LED rear light module, we can say with confidence: we are your ideal partner for all LED lighting for trucks and agricultural vehicles applications.

LED lighting for trucks and agricultural vehicles system diagram

System benefits

  • Automotive LED drivers for high-brightness LEDs
  • LED driver ICs support various DC/DC topologies (buck, boost, SEPIC)
  • Microcontroller peripherals for light control with a low CPU load
  • System basis chips combine the supply, network transceiver and monitoring functions in a monolithic device