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Your ticket to successful multi-application

At present, many public transport systems collect fares using closed-loop applications and smart cards. Most of these collection systems rely on proprietary contactless technologies that often provide only a basic level of security.

Open standards to unlock tomorrow’s markets

In a bid to increase efficiency and performance, transport authorities are thus increasingly replacing proprietary legacy fare-collection deployments with future-oriented platforms supported by established market players and based on open standards. Embedded within a rich ecosystem, these new platforms offer greater scalability and interoperability across fare collection systems.

They also overcome the potential downsides of closed systems. These include vendor lock-in and single-source supply limitations, limited security and future interoperability issues due to different crypto algorithms and command sets across different product flavors. Interoperability problems will become more pronounced and costly as demand for multi-application cards with contactless functionality rises.

Driving interoperability through CIPURSE™ open standard

At Infineon, we understand the market need for open, non-proprietary, interoperable and competitive solutions capable of spanning ticketing, identification, micropayment and mobile payment. CIPURSE™ is the only global open standard for secure, cost-effective and flexible fare collection solutions. All of our contactless platforms are available with CIPURSE™ compliance.

Supported by a global, multi-provider community, CIPURSE™

  • Provides a secure and flexible solution for public transport and multi-application schemes
  • Protects investments as operators migrate from proprietary to open schemes offering more security and efficiency
  • Promotes vendor neutrality, cross-vendor system interoperability, lower technology adoption risks, higher quality and improved market responsiveness
  • Is non-discriminatory and compliant with public procurement rules
  • Utilizes the advanced AES 128 encryption algorithm, which enables fast and secure transactions

CIPURSE™ open standard – statements of Infineon customers and partners

CIPURSE™ open security standard overcomes the limitations of proprietary technologies, proving a future-proof path for transport ticketing and beyond. Watch our videos with statements of our customers and partners and learn more about the importance and benefits of CIPURSE™.

CIPURSE™ in action – City of Perm, Russia
CIPURSE™ in action – City of Perm, Russia
Why Giesecke & Devrient decide to go for CIPURSE™
Why Giesecke & Devrient decide to go for CIPURSE™
Why are open standards so important for the Transport Ticketing market?
Why are open standards so important for the Transport Ticketing market?
Why CIPURSE™ is a game-changer…
Why CIPURSE™ is a game-changer…

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The CIPURSE™ open standard has already been implemented in many security products delivered by Infineon.

  • The SLS 32 TLC security controller, received the Sesames Award from chip card industry as the most innovative product in the “Transport” category
  • In addition, the CIPURSE™ Cryptographic Protocol with Inherent Side-Channel Resistance was awarded the German Prize for IT Security

The CIPURSE™ open standard was established by the OSPT Alliance.
Find out more: OSPT Alliance/CIPURSE™