Transport ticketing

Driving multi-application & transport ticketing on open standards

The public transport sector is one of the fastest growing markets for smart card and security ICs. Ticketing is also the most frequently added function to multi-application cards such as dual-interface payment or identification cards.

All over the world, transport providers are challenged to put easy, affordable, secure and environmentally sound public transport services in place.

Rising performance and security challenges

Modernized infrastructures present their own technical challenges, however. Unlike other smart card applications for payment or identification, ticketing is contactless and has to rapidly handle extremely high – and rising – passenger numbers. Ticketing operators therefore have to deliver much greater speed and superior contactless performance than that typically required for other applications. In addition to speed, passengers expect the ultimate in convenience and reliability.

Broad portfolio scaling across all application levels

As a leading supplier of secure semiconductor solutions for transport ticketing applications, Infineon has sold more than 5 billion ICs worldwide and offers the market’s most comprehensive portfolio of chip solutions based on open standards. Designed to meet today’s and tomorrow’s ticketing security and performance challenges, this broad, best-in-class range benefits operators and end users by ensuring the perfect fit for every application level. It includes

  • Dedicated transport ticketing products such as low-end limited-use tickets (LUTs)
  • Security-certified multi-application ICs
  • Dual-interface solutions providing upgradability to EMV contactless deployments
  • Embedded secure elements for NFC-enabled mobile phones.