Transport & Ticketing - simply moving people

Flexibility, Convenience, Security

Contactless ICs are changing the way we live, bringing us greater convenience, security and efficiency. Every day, countless people use contactless cards and tickets to commute to work, to enter their offices and to benefit from bonus card programs.

In their leisure time, people use contactless technology for enjoyment at ski resorts, entertainment attractions, amusement parks, or for accessing events such as concerts or sports games ( for more information: Access Management


Infineon offers a comprehensive product portfolio that fulfills all requirements for transport- and ticketing applications:

The best product for your application:

my-d move (lean)

- For limited use tickets
- Contactless memory, 
  ideal for installed 
- Memory access and
  extended privacy features
  such as value counter  
- Available also NFC compliant 

  SLE 66R35

- Powering weekly,
  monthly and prepaid
- Mifare functionality 
- 4-byte UID /
  Non-unique ID, Reused UID 
  7-byte UID

  SLE 77 / SLE 66

- Supports multi-applications
- Mifare functionality
- Your choice for certified
  contactless and
  dual interface 
  security controllers
- ISO 14443 Type B&A,
  up to 240KB memory



Public Transport

Investments in public transport infrastructure will increase globally over the next years with the aim of providing infrastructure that is high-quality, accessible and affordable. The transportation ticketing market will be one of the fastest-growing markets for chip card ICs. The most prominent requirements of this market are cost of implementation, interoperability and security.

Reflecting its commitment toward open standards, Infineon is a founding member of the OSPT (Open Standard for Public Transportation) Alliance that has chosen CIPURSE as the standard to enable the transit community to move toward the next generation of secure, cost-effective, and flexible fare collection solutions through a global, multiprovider community.

CIPURSE™ - The open Standard for Public Transport 

- Defines a feature set that allows the set up of dedicated applications 
- Based on ISO 7816
- Defines: 
  – Authentication scheme based on AES128 
  – Secure messaging protocol
  – Minimum mandatory file types  
  – Minimum mandatory command set to access these file types  
  – RF Layer agnostic

CIPURSE™ brings a number of key benefits to both public transport agencies and smart card industry players, including better performance and advanced system security for public transport applications, along with the availability of multiple sources for chip and infrastructure products.


               CIPURSE™ ICs 
           limited use tickets  


               CIPURSE™ ICs 
            migrating existing   



               CIPURSE™ ICs 
          for multi-application 
                     cards & 
            secure elements  

The SLS 32 awarded as best hardware innovation 2012 by the Chip Card Industry.


Overall, Infineon modules will address future transport schemes based on international standards and open specifications by featuring the truly open standards for public transport, such as CIPURSE™.