Mobile Communications

Infineon connects people

Infineon provides a broad variety of products and technology everyone can use to stay connected every time and everywhere – at home, in the office or when out and about.

Infineon microcontrollers are widely used in SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) or UICC (Universal Integrated Circuit Cards) cards. Since their introduction, these smart cards have been a cornerstone of mobile telephony´s success story, playing a significant role as the secure token within the handset. They will also be an important enabler for new opportunities in mobile communications.

The major task of the SIM card in the mobile environment is the authentication in the network, managing the SMS traffic and allowing after sales updates of the mobile carrier. New network technologies such as UMTS (3rd generation) and the upcoming LTE (4th generation) will more and more focus on data rather than on pure voice and SMS based communication.

The last trend of the UICC is to support NFC (Near Field Communication) via a the interface named Single Wire Protocol to make the connection between the SIM and the NFC connectivitiy device. The NFC capability  enables new possibilities of SIM based applications, such as mobile payment, mobile ticketing and mobile network based internet services. With its vast expertise in SIM and Security applications, Infineon develops secure SWP SIM & UICC controllers, answering adequately to the requirements of the NFC market.

The most comprehensive portfolio of security controllers

Following the trend of ever-diversifying markets, Infineon has designed specific memory and controller families for different market segments and their specific applications. This powerful, flexible and broad portfolio comes with an astonishing ease of migration between the various families and outstanding technical support. Furthermore, the Infineon offering adapts to your needs with regard to delivery form, packaging and software support, ranging from firmware to third-party software solutions.

The new 32-bit SLC 14 Family is the 1 st family of smart card products in the market being produced in leading edge 65nm embedded flash technology optimized for high volume SIM card applications.

The SLE 76 Family addresses all mainstream UICC segments and is widely adopted throughout the market. Its performance, flexibility and reliability have made it one of the major volume platforms over the last years.

The SLE 97 SOLID FLASH™ Family is the new state-of-the-art 32-bit product generation from Infineon for high performance security chip cards. It takes it one step further, hosting extensions and improvements in terms of interfaces, performance and flexibility. It comes with SWP, a full speed USB 2.0 interface as well as SPIs to enable the connection with external memories or devices.

With the memory increase of the high end UICC, the ISO7816 interface could be also limited, that´s why Infineon includes now the USB interface into its high end UICC controller. To answer to the size reduction of the form factors, 3FF and 4FF, Infineon developed already adequate Chipcard Packages.