Government identification

Comfort and security from one source

To master the challenges of identifying citizens reliably and securely in the digital age, governments are interested to issue digital/electronic documents and  develop e-ID solutions such as:

  • ePassports, 
  • national eID cards,
  • eDriver licenses or
  • social and health care cards

Here security is essential for interoperable ID solutions, because no one wishes to see private data made public or exploited by third parties. At the same time attack scenarios are constantly evolving.

Therefore Infineon introduced the revolutionary and unique security concept Integrity Guard

For the first time in the more than 25-year history of chip card controller, data is now processed on a CPU itself in encrypted form. Integrity Guard represents a huge leap forward compared to conventional security strategies that lack capabilities like end-to-end encryption of the data path, continuous monitoring, and cross-checking between two CPUs.

Such achievements make these security controllers suitable for applications in which stored data needs an especially high level of protection such as the "Neuer Personalausweis",  that has been launched in Germany in November 2010.

Security expertise - leading security market for more than fifteen years

Speaking of governmental ID programs nowadays, Infineon is the only IC company in 2011, that shipped controllers to the ePassports projects of the world`s five biggest countries. In Europe, the leading region for new governmental applications, 70% of the national eID projects rely on chips from Infineon. In addition, many high economic growth countries such as Brazil, Turkey, India, Indonesia & China trust in Infineon secure controllers for their new eID documents. In the field of healthcare, 60% of the smart health cards worldwide use Infineon chips.

Product portfolio

Infineon offers a wide selection of security controllers and crypto controllers,
designed and tailored to meet the demands of next-generation e-ID documents.


LDS 2.0 – the future of electronic passports
LDS 2.0 – the future of electronic passports
Secure eGovernment
Secure eGovernment