V-band radio transceivers

Highly-integrated solutions with optimized BOM for small cells

In the small V-band radio transceiver market (57GHz to 64GHz), there is mounting pressure to increase throughput while lowering equipment costs and power consumption. One way you can ensure a design’s success: develop a feature set that clearly differentiates from the competition. As an unlicensed band, it is well known that the V-band frequency is subject to high signal absorption in distances of less than 1 km and that it avoids interferences due to this absorption. In the future, small cell networks will require V-band backhaul solutions to be more flexible than wired connections such as fiber or DSL.

V-band radio transceiver system diagram

Cost-optimized components

Partner with Infineon to achieve great success with your V-band radio transceiver designs. Our BGT60 radio transceiver enables you to build a cost-effective system with a lower BOM, thanks to a high level of integration, smaller form factor and lower production costs by using SMT equipment in customer production facilities. We offer the BGT60 radio transceiver in a SMT-ready plastic package. Shorter cycler, quicker to market: with Infineon your designs are sure to be winners.