E-band radio transceiver

Optimized solutions for E-band communications

Stable but small, the E-band radio transceiver market (71GHz to 76GHz and 81GHz to 86GHz) is predicted to have a growth spurt in the future. As a designer, the main technical challenges result from rising pressure to increase data throughput. Likewise, you’re searching for ways to decrease equipment cost and reduce power consumption to remain attractive. Enhancing an E-band radio’s feature set is an excellent way to distinguish your design from competitors.

E-band radio system diagram

The right price, the right size for small and macro cells

In our wide portfolio of high-quality semiconductor solutions, Infineon offers BGT70 and BGT80 E-band radio transceivers, both in a SMT-ready plastic package. Offering a high level of integration, smaller form factor and low product BOM, our components enable you to build a cost-optimized E-band radio for small cell and macro cell, optimized for QAM64 modulation. Refer to our E-band radio transceiver front-end reference design for a system solution you can adapt to your project’s requirements. The net effect: shorter design cycles and faster time-to-market.