Suspension control

Active and semi-active suspension systems are a desirable feature in two highly-specific niche markets: luxury or sports cars. Because of their comparatively small production quantities, standard devices are turned to for certain system features. That’s why you need the right partner with proven expertise and reliable support to develop solutions precisely in tune with your suspension application’s specifications.

Infineon offers you just that. We have a broad range of sense, compute and power devices that support various partitioning, such as central-ECU of in-wheel-ECU, for a remarkably quick time to market. And you’ll benefit from the know-how and experience of the long-term market leader for suspension systems.

Suspension control system diagram

System benefits

  • Advanced suspension systems originally used in high-end sports and luxury cars are now prevalent in the mid-market car segment
  • By adapting both the vehicle’s car level and damping characteristics, these systems significantly improve car comfort, handling performance and driving safety
  • Infineon’s broad product spectrum – including high-end 32-bit microcontrollers as well as multi-channel drivers for bistable and analog valves – can cover the full range of suspension systems, ranging from car/load leveling, semi-active to active suspension and air-suspension systems