Reversible seatbelt pretensioner

As the primary safety feature in vehicles, seatbelts must uphold the absolute highest safety standards. A future-oriented seatbelt feature, reversible seatbelt pretentioners, replaces older pyrotechnic solutions to provide passengers with the next generation of seatbelt safety. As always, there are other factors that flow into this ASIL B application: the solution must be reliable, price-conscious and offer a high-level of integration.

In Infineon’s portfolio, you’ll find highly integrated solutions – the highest level of integration on the market – for reversible seatbelt pretentioners. What’s more, they’ll save you valuable space and respect your budget.

Reversible seatbelt pretensioner system diagram

System benefits

  • Seatbelts are still the primary safety feature for protecting car passengers from severe harm
  • Correct belt tension before a crash reduces the severity of injuries while also increasing passenger comfort in normal use
  • Safety experts predict that reversible seatbelt pretensioners will become mainstream in the future
  • This illustration shows the partitioning of an Infineon system solution for this application which includes supply, microcontroller, sensor, power and communication ICs