Electric power steering (EPS)

Electric power steering (EPS) offers a host of advantages to automobiles and drivers. From up to 3% less fuel consumption and noticeable space savings to easier integration and software for an enhanced driving experience. What’s needed to achieve this? A reliable, high-performance EPS is made possible by aligned solutions featuring sensors and low-loss MOSFETs.

Look to Infineon for your EPS application. As a one-stop-shop, we can deliver every component, every time. In fact, we’re the only player that offers you a full EPS chipset. And you’ll get system and product know-how that’s second to none. Need a quick fix? Use our system development platform to accelerate your time to market.

Electric power steering (EPS) system diagram

System benefits

  • Electric Power Steering (EPS) improves fuel efficiency by approximately 3% while having a positive effect on car handling, the overall driving experience and comfort
  • It combines a compact design with reduced mounting costs
  • EPS can be adapted via software to suit diverse car models as well as dedicated driving modes
  • EPS is the steering technology needed to enable advanced driver assistance systems such as side-wind compensation, lane assist/keeping and parking assistance systems
  • Infineon has over ten years of experience in this exciting application and provides the full range of ICs, from sensors to microcontrollers, and from bridge drivers to world-class MOSFETs

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