Electric parking brake

In contrast to cable operated parking break systems of the past, electric parking breaks facilitate the implementation of driver-support features such as hill start assist functions. A low power, highly integrated system that upholds tomorrow’s high safety standards is what you need for application success.

Discover what you can achieve with Infineon’s portfolio of ISO 26262-compliant products. Including our integrated low power automotive microcontrollers and intelligent power supply with wakeup function. Also, uniquely procure electric parking brake solutions with the highest level of integration, namely NovalithIC™ half-bridges and ASIL D-compliant microcontrollers.

Electric parking brake system diagram

System benefits

  • The electric parking brake provides many more comfort and convenience features to drivers than the standard mechanical system
  • Hill hold, launch control, roll-away prevention
  • These convenience features are also safety-relevant, so they must be implemented using safety capable hardware (according ISO26262)