Chassis domain control

Featuring a mix of software for specific functions and hardware to ensure functions are free from interference, chassis domain control systems have precise requirements for application development. Especially desirable: top-performing microcontrollers with an architecture to support the integration of several critical software functions, such as OEM Black Box Code. That’s why Infineon offers you AURIX Multicore Architecture for your chassis domain control systems. Built to reduce safety engineering efforts and with computation performance of the market leader.

Chassis domain control system diagram

System benefits

  • The chassis domain control approach provides a high-performance, scalable and safe computing platform which already includes the sensor-cluster with all its multi-axle inertia sensors
  • Domain controllers allow a cost-efficient x-check and fusion of the inertia sensor signals, as well as highly efficient and safe computing of the vehicle dynamic model
  • Consequently, the chassis domain control unit represents a promising approach to perfectly coordinating functions such as VSC, semi-active suspension and drivetrain, especially when four-wheel drive with torque vectoring is required