Brake vehicle stability control

Thanks to their ability to reduce braking distance and keep the car under control in critical situations, a brake vehicle stability control system enhances safety across all classes of cars. But today many vehicle stability control systems feature customer-specific designs, which are cost inefficient. What you need: standard devices engineered to uphold your application’s high safety requirements.

In Infineon’s broad portfolio, find budget-friendly, high-quality solutions for a range of standard safety, automotive microcontrollers, sensors and power devices. All of which help you reach even the highest safety requirements for brake vehicle stability control systems. In fact, our microcontrollers and our wheel speed sensors are proud to be the market leader.

Brake vehicle stability control system diagram

System benefits

  • „„Vehicle stability control systems can be found in all car classes on our roads, providing safety while reducing braking distances and keeping the car under control in critical situations
  • These systems are mandatory in order to achieve the highest possible scores in the various “New Car Assessment Programs” (NCAP) throughout the world and are even legislated in some countries
  • Infineon’s range of products for braking systems stretches from scalable microcontrollers, state-of-the-art wheel speed sensors, CAN and FlexRay transceivers to MOSFETs and valve drivers