Innovative Semiconductor Solutions for Safety Applications

Electronics play a key role in improving road safety. Nowadays, both customer demands and government legislation continue to improve traffic safety. In addition electric power steering is a good example of how safety application perfectly combines with increased fuel efficiency and enhanced comfort.

Infineon is one of the few broadband suppliers with a portfolio extending from intelligent sensors and microcontrollers through automotive power standard products and application-specific standard products (ASSPs) to highly integrated customized application-specific ICs (ASICs). This comprehensive product portfolio – combined with our application expertise of four decades in automotive experience – means we are ideally positioned to help customers overcome their key challenges.

These challenges include ongoing application optimization plus implementation of new features to meet stringent safety requirements. The ISO 26262 safety standard is one example of the exacting standards that apply today.

To help customers to efficiently reach the desired Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) certification, Infineon has already introduced its PRO-SIL™. This trademark clearly marks the products which contain SIL-supporting features. The Infineon PRO-SIL™ concept includes safety focused organization and business processes to generate hard and software safety features including safety documentation.

The functional complexity and levels of integration of real-time safety-critical applications continue to increase exponentially. In addition, the product life cycle of these applications has to meet stringent safety standards. The ISO 26262 mandates more robust and comprehensive product development processes and functional safety concepts in automotive applications.

Infineon’s PRO-SIL™ concept enables efficient ISO 26262 compliant safety application development. Across the full certification spectrum from Automotive Safety Integrity Levels ASILA to ASILD, our end-to-end PRO-SIL™ approach will help you with the assurance that Infineon hardware, software and functional safety concepts meet your design and compliance needs.

PRO-SIL™ Highlights

  • „„Broad hardware portfolio from sensors to microcontrollers, along with analog and power management ICs providing SIL-supporting features.
  • For ISO 26262 PRO-SIL™ products, safety concepts are in place to enable the required safetymeasures, testing, monitoring and diagnostics capabilities for your safety architecture.
  • Comprehensive safety software packages for integration are in place, such as the SafeTlib software for Infineon’s AURIX™ microcontroller family.
  • Full range of support services – from consulting and design advice, including training, documentation and technical support – can be provided.
  • Safety-focused organization and project management based on Infineon’s Zero Defect Program, Safety Culture and Quality Management System are in place.


Infineon’s PRO-SIL™ logo guides you to our products (HW, SW, Safety Documentation) with SILsupportingfeatures. These products will simplify the implementation of customers’ system design and improve time-to-market in achieving the desired functional safety level compliance.