(H)EV - Auxiliary inverter

Because overall efficiency is always a primary concern for (H)EVs, it makes sense to consider bringing further substantial loads to the high voltage domain whenever a high voltage rail is available in a car. For instance EPS (electrical power steering) for which an auxiliary inverter can be used to control the electric motor required. Other common uses: climate compressor, electric charger (eTurbo) and active chassis control.

For these applications and more, discover Infineon’s broad range of dedicated auxiliary inverter solutions. Whatever your (H)EV needs are, we have the know-how and components to realize them to your specifications.

(H)EV - Auxiliary inverter system diagram

System benefits

  • Fully automotive-qualified product portfolio supporting a wide range of motors, generators and power classes;                                      compact design with high power density
  • Isolation-integrated in gate driver
  • Highly-efficient 3-phase drive due to very low conducting losses even at high switching frequencies
  • Wide range of 16 and 32-bit microcontroller solutions dedicated to (H)EV applications
  • Evaluation Kit available to reduce system development time

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