(H)EV - Auxiliary HV/LV DC/DC

The architecture of electric vechicles comprises at least one low-voltage sub-network with a low-voltage energy storage and multiple electrical loads, and one high-voltage sub-network with a high-voltage energy storage. The auxiliary HV/LV DC/DC job is to enable the bi-directional energy flow between these two electrical subnets.

Your biggest challenges: achieving greatest-possible efficiency and keeping overall system costs in check. The space required for the DC/DC should also be kept to an absolute minimum. Infineon’s portfolio is specially designed to help you overcome these barriers with ease.

(H)EV - Auxiliary HV/LV DC/DC system diagram

System benefits

  • Fully automotive-qualified product portfolio including both power module and discrete solutions
  • Supports a wide range of highly-efficient conversion topologies (including bidirectional)
  • Compact design with highest power density
  • Very low switching losses at high switching frequencies
  • Isolation-integrated in gate driver
  • High-performance 32-bit microcontroller solutions
  • Evaluation Kit available to reduce system development time

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