Small engine starter kit

In a number of emerging and developing markets, motorcycles are the primary mode of transportation. However, many aren’t equipped with electronics, resulting in higher carbon dioxide emissions and lower fuel efficiency. Infineon’s small engine starter kit is especially engineered to boost efficiency and cut CO2 output in such applications. As well as in leaf blowers, lawn mowers and small motor boots, among others. Find out how you can enhance your small engine applications with the small engine starter kit from Infineon.

Small engine starter kit system diagram

Complete Infineon reference solution including

  • Small Engine Control Unit
  • MECTRONIK MECLAB™ configuration and calibration software for running 1-cylinder 4-stroke combustion engine systems
  • U-Connect XC2704 interface board USB-CAN
  • Miniwiggler JTAG debugging interface
  • Cable harness

Target applications

  • Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)
  • Electronic e-carburetor
  • Enhanced capacitor discharge ignition


  • Easy to use as refernce board
  • Plug-and-play Electronic Control Unit (ECU)


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