Small 1-cylinder combustion engine solution

In up-and-coming markets, especially in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, motorcycles are the most important means of transportation for a majority of the population. The biggest hurdles while developing solutions for small 1-cylinder combustion engines: sticking to a tight budget while also meeting increasingly stricter emission and fuel consumption guidelines.

With a flexible, scalable product portfolio that’s in line with the market segment’s cost and performance needs, Infineon is the smart choice. We offer highly cost-effective chipset solutions, such as MCU, U-chip and sensors. Discover what’s possible with our scalable chipsets that support EFI, e-carburetor and CDI system approaches.

Small 1-cylinder combustion engine solution system diagram

System benefits

  • Scalable chipset solutions supporting EFI, e-carburetor and CDI system approaches
  • Highest feature density in smallest package supporting smallest form factor
  • Single-device TLE8080EM solution for managing the entire electronic power interface of a 1-cylinder combustion engine
  • Scalable and easy-to-use XC2700 family supporting easy-to-implement up- and downgrade options for functional enhancement or cost optimization
  • CO2 reduction of 17g/km and fuel efficiency increase of 16mpg

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