48V micro-hybrid (start/stop and high efficient generator)

As a new voltage domain for vehicles, today’s selection of 48V micro-hybrid components is limited. But this doesn’t change the fact that you need cost-effective, high performance and well-aligned electrification solutions for your applications. Whether entry level for SOP 2017+, or for upper market segments. Infineon offers an entire system of chipset solutions, from voltage regulators and transceivers to sensors, microcontrollers and smart power drivers. We’re also pleased to support you with our 48V micro-hybrid system demonstrators for inverters and DC/DC.

48V micro-hybrid system diagram

System benefits

  • Full range of products ranging from voltage regulators, transceivers, sensors, microcontrollers and smart power drivers
  • Leading-edge OptiMOS™ MOSFET technology combined with a robust package to deliver best-in-class performance and outstanding current capacity
  • Higher alternator efficiency thanks to MOSFET rectification
  • Higher output current at low alternator RPM
  • Advanced modes supported: engine brake emulation, car sailing/coasting, electrical car launch

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