Gasoline multi-port injection - integrated solution

Gasoline multi-port injection dominates the entry segment in the rapidly growing markets of the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. But finding an integrated solution that both meets increasingly stricter emission and fuel consumption requirements, and fits a tight budget, poses a great challenge.

That’s why Infineon offers a broad, flexible product portfolio with integrated solutions that are cost-optimized for 4-cylinder gasoline engines. You’ll find both highly cost-effective chipset solutions, including MCU, U-chip and sensors, and highly scalable ones. Also noteworthy: our exclusive 2-chip solution for 4-cylinder engine management.   

Gasoline multi-port injection - integrated solution system diagram

System benefits

  • Flexible and scalable product protfolio tailored to the cost and performance needs of the mid-end and entry segments
  • Industry benchmark in embedded real‑time performance facilitates pumping loss reduction, knock detection and efficient after-treatment
  • Conforming with upcoming emission legislation at maximized fuel efficiency with even more driving pleasure, new sensor families provide enhanced measurement precision (e.g. ignition control, misfire detection)

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