Gasoline direct injection

Typical partitioning for GDI discrete & solenoid

Achieving highly precise engine control demanded by today’s high-end engines is only possible with gasoline direct injection. By and large the biggest challenge is processing more and more data in shorter time intervals, with an increasing proportion of model-based control.

With Infineon you can achieve all this and more. Our microcontrollers feature outstanding computing performance and even set the benchmark in the industry. Also, we offer a virtually complete chipset for all your gasoline direct injection application needs. Take advantage of Infineon’s extensive system know-how – from the entire combustion loop and required components to functional safety and security. Our expertise is second to none in the industry.

Gasoline direct injection system diagram

System benefits

  • Flexible and scalable product portfolio tailored to the performance and real-time needs of the premium and value segment
  • Conforming with the latest emission legislation at the highest possible fuel efficiency and maximum fun to drive
  • Benchmark setting real-time performance facilitates down-sizing, direct injection, turbo charging and highly efficient after treatment
  • New sensor families provide enhanced measurement precision (e.g. ignition control, misfire detection)

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