Diesel direct injection

Diesel direct injection enables you to achieve the highly precise engine control demanded by today’s high-end engines. The number one challenge: processing a growing amount of data at a quicker rate, with an increasing portion of model-based control.

Infineon is equipped and ready to help you overcome these challenges. For instance, with our microcontrollers featuring outstanding computing performance. They also happen to be the reference in the industry. Turn to our virtually complete chipset to find the diesel direct injection solutions you’re looking for. If you need advice, our proven system know-how is second to none in the entire industry. From the entire combustion loop and required components to functional safety and security, we know the right answer.

Diesel direct injection system diagram

System benefits

  • Large and scalable product portfolio tailored to the performance needs of the entire diesel segment
  • Conforming with upcoming emission legislation at maximum fuel efficiency and with the highest driving pleasure
  • Benchmark-setting real-time performance facilitates in-cylinder pressure measurement and highly efficient after treatment (incl. hot and cold EGR, oxidation catalyst, particulate treatment, NOx treatment)
  • New sensor families provide enhanced measurement precision

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