Automatic transmission - hydraulic control

When engineering an automatic transmission, one way to optimally operate the engine is by introducing a higher gear reduction ratio, or increasing the number of speeds. Or maybe you want to improve efficiency by switching, entirely or partially, from hydraulic to electromechanical actuation. Aspects of functional safety – such as ASIL-C for the front and ASIL-D for the rear wheels – are also critical. Along with the need for high temperature packages and bare die solutions for attached and integrated control units.

For all automatic transmission control systems, Infineon uniquely offers the complete expertise and comprehensive product portfolio that’ll make your projects a success. This includes our constant current control ICs for the highest precision current control, and optimized sensors for enhanced disturbance and direction detection.

Automatic transmission - hydraulic control system diagram

System benefits

  • Full range of products ranging from voltage regulators, transceivers, sensors, microcontrollers and smart power drivers
  • Valve actuator ICs supporting highest precision current control
  • Optimized sensors providing enhanced disturbance immunity (e.g. vibration) and direction detection
  • High-temperature bare die IC supporting integrated transmission control up to the highest torque rates

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