Vehicle-to-Everywhere communication (V2X) secured by Infineon`s security controllers

Communication among cars (V2V) and communication between cars and infrastructure (V2I) require security

Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication (V2V or C2C) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure communication (V2I or C2I) are expected to further reduce road fatalities, improve road safety and increase traffic efficiency in the future. Additional, this technology could also be utilized to improve existing toll systems.

To continue the track of autonomous driving towards Level 3 or higher, a V2X communication module will be an essential ADAS in the future.

The exchange of sensitive information requires authenticity and integrity of data. A strong protection of these two main security aspects are obligated to provide a reliable technology to trigger trustful driver warnings and -in future- autonomous reactions in the context of self-driving cars.

In addition, the V2X communication technology needs to support the protection of driver’s privacy - meaning to prevent the possibility to track a specific vehicle. 

By establishing a secured channel to a dedicated pseudonym certification authority, the SLI 97 V2V can receive and store a pool of pseudonym certificates and related private keys. A high level of protection for the private keys is a must. Further, the SLI 97 V2V uses these keys and certificates to sign the outgoing messages. The pseudonym certificates are changed frequently when signing the messages to avoid identification and tracking of a vehicle.

Infineon’s SLI 97 V2V: The trust anchor for Car-to-Car communication

Related private keys need a high level of protection because they form the basis of C2C security in the context of signing the outgoing messages.

The SLI 97 V2V security controller was developed by Infineon and optimized for Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication to fulfill the required performance and to provide the right level of security.

Automotive quality and security

The SLI 97 V2V is certified according to Common Criteria and supports both European and US standards. Since the SLI 97 V2V is based on a hardware applied for other large scale automobile applications, the automotive industry will benefit from mass production quality enhancements.

The SLI 97 V2V is qualified and documented according to AEC-Q100 and PPAP and supports an extended temperature range.

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