eCall communication module

eCall: The trigger for broad automotive mobile connectivity

In-car emergency call (eCall) significantly speeds up assistance for drivers involved in accidents. In case of an accident, the car’s position and other relevant data are automatically transferred to rescue services. eCall thereby contributes to reducing traffic fatalities. The European Union has issued a mandate to deploy eCall starting in 2017. This will trigger the deployment of mobile connectivity in all car segments.

Linking the automotive and telecommunication world

In a connected car, the SIM is the link between the automotive and the telecommunication worlds. The SIM, therefore, has to meet both the automotive industry’s high quality standards and fulfill the Mobile Network Operators’ (MNOs) high security requirements. In order to increase flexibility and provide better customer service, the MNO providing cellular connectivity can be exchanged over the air on behalf of the OEM. This increases the security requirements because MNOs have to provide their credentials to a SIM they do not own and control. This means they have to trust the security of the device. Trust is based on assessments carried out by independent third parties using the Common Criteria standard.

SLI 76 and SLI 97: Automotive application quality

The SLI 76 and SLI 97 security controllers are Infineon’s response to changing market needs. These security controllers fully comply with SIM requirements as defined by GSMA and ETSI international standards’ organizations and are tailored to automotive environments by remaining operational within an extended temperature range. Additionally, they are AEC-Q100-qualified and support PPAP. The SLI 76 was the world’s first AEC-Q100-qualified SIM controller.

SLI 97: A bold step in automotive mobile connectivity

The SLI 97’s product design is based on field-proven products deployed in traditional SIM markets. This means it was qualified and designed by MNOs all over the world and is the preferred choice for mobile services with increased security needs. Global coverage by MNOs combined with SLI 97’s high quality standards increase automotive OEMs’ trust when selecting a secure embedded SIM. In addition, the SLI 97 provides a set of hardware crypto-coprocessors supporting all relevant crypto schemes and is designed to comply with Common Criteria EAL 5+ high certification standards, making it the perfect solution for enhanced security in embedded SIMs.

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