Smart window lift/roof control module

Space is of the essence for smart window lift applications. The ideal find: a system-on-chip solution at a low price point – with a small form factor to save valuable PCB board space. A single chip solution for improved module reliability is also in high demand. In line with your smart window lift needs, Infineon offers high-quality semiconductors and a chip with a small form factor and small housing. What’s more, our solutions use fewer external devices than any other on the market.

Smart window lift/roof control module system diagram

System benefits

  • System-on-chip solution with integrated 8051 industrystandard microcontroller core
  • Platform solution for a size- and weight-optimized relaybased motor control
  • „„Integrated voltage regulator, LIN transceiver, switch inputs and relay driver
  • Cyclic sense and cyclic wake-up capability saves average current consumption
  • Package with very small form factor saves PCB board space
  • Single-chip solution improves module reliability


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