High feature body control module

As ever more functions are integrated into a smaller board space, a high feature body control module (BCM) must step up and meet new demands. First and foremost, the respective semiconductor solutions require a high level of integration. And be scalable and flexible enough to accommodate a broad range of needs. Infineon offers you the most scalable portfolio of protected high side PROFET™ and SPOC™ switches on the market. Seize the unique opportunity to greatly enhance you system reliability as well: we are the benchmark in short-circuit robustness.

High feature body control module system diagram

System benefits

  • AURIX™ multicore concept enables integration of two applications into one device.
  • AURIX™ supports safety requirements up to ASIL-D (ISO 26262)
  • AURIX™ hardware encryption (HSM) enabling advanced security features
  • Encapsulation feature allows software development without interference between multiple applications
  • Very high integrated functionality enables reduced board space
  • All features of a classic Body Control Module are available, including protected load control with sophisticated diagnostics

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