Innovative Semiconductor Solutions for Body and Convenience Applications

Infineon offers a wide variety of products dedicated to body and interior electronics. These include protected power switches for bulb and motor control, dedicated system basis chips and easy-to-use Hall sensor solutions. Our powerful 16/32-bit XC2200 family and our low-cost 8-bit XC800 family deliver all the intelligence required at the heart of today’s automotive body systems. The new TriCore™-based AURIX™ family provides sufficient performance, as well as dedicated safety and security features, to meet the needs of upcoming domain electronics modules. As one example, a High-Feature Body Control Module with integrated Gateway functionality is shown on page 22.

The following pages present well-known electronic modules for car body interior and comfort systems, such as the Body Control Modules including a dedicated low-cost version, the Seat Electronics Module and the HVAC Control Module. Further modules reveal the growing trend towards decentralized modules at the point of load, such as a Front Light Module or a Smart Window Lift Module.

Some new electronic module designs reflect the latest functional and architectural advances. One prominent example is a Power Distribution System for high-current applications supporting the trend to more advanced and efficient wiring harness systems in start/stop-capable vehicles. Another example is an Interior Light Module with touch-sensitive control based on a similar man-machine interface to that featured in the latest consumer electronics devices. Finally, the growing family of system-on-chip devices supports space- and cost-optimized single-chip solutions for various motor control applications, such as window lift, fuel pump and HVAC blower.