Infineon´s next level of zero defect program – on the way to zero-defect products and services

The most valuable aspect of cars is the people they carry. Therefore, safety should never be compromised. This is the most important consideration for everybody involved in making automobiles –
from the smallest suppliers to the manufacturers themselves. As car components become more and more complex, and as the number of control units in vehicles increases, the likelihood of a product failure becomes greater. Quality performance is a key differentiator for automotive market success. Our target of Zero-Defect means: 


  • „„No quality events
  • „„Defect-free product launches
  • „„Automotive product quality of zero failed parts per million
  • „„Low non-conformance costs
  • „„Highest quality image in the market
  • „„More business due to satisfied customers

No compromise when it comes to quality

Infineon established the most comprehensive quality program called "AUTOMOTIVE EXCELLENCE" in the semiconductor industry in 2003. The continuation of the successful "Automotive Excellence" program is "NEXT LEVEL of ZERO DEFECT”. The Program is founded on four pillars: people, products, processes and production. Due to our "no compromise" policy in all four pillars our program really works. Our employees truly live the credos of Zero Defect, considering the highest quality requirements and understanding the importance of prevention. They are trained to deeply understand the tools and methods used to avoid deviations and to solve problems by addressing both technical and systemic root causes.

On the way to zero-defect products

On the way to zero-defect products, some examples:

  • BEAR (Back End Automation Roadmap) project reduces manual handling
  • “Top5 Defects Reduction in Backend” deeply addresses technical and systemic root causes
  • Quality Firewall: Subproject “Highest outgoing product quality by intelligent outlier screening”
  • Extend “Next Level of Zero Defect” into supplier base

“Next Level of Zero Defect” is your competitive advantage

Many of our partners have expressed their satisfaction with the quality of our products and the way we execute “Next Level of Zero Defect”.

  • „Honor Quality Award Toyota Hirose“ received in 2010 for zero defect quality for last four years. Infineon is the First non- Japanese company that received this honour in this highest level category.
  • 7 quality awards in 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 from Toyota’s Hirose plant.
  • “Supplier Performance Award” for the year 2008 and “Automotive Supplier of the Year 2009, 2010 and 2011” from Continental
  • "Excellent Supplier Award 2008" from Hitachi Cable Japan

Our quality is clearly seen as the industry benchmark by almost all of our automotive customers.

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