Active antenna: Power supply and function

Active antenna power supply

Not matter the active antenna application, Infineon offers the right semiconductor solution. In particular, the TLF4277-2 is the ideal companion IC to supply active antennas for car infotainment applications. Thanks to its adjustable output voltage, it’s capable of powering the majority of standard active antennas, such as FM/AM, DAB XM and SIRIUS.


Active antenna system diagram

System benefits

  • Improved active antenna lifetime
  • Fewer external components
  • Faster reaction time of microcontroller in error cases
  • Very accurate current sense
  • Active antenna supply suitable for AM/FM, DAB, GPS, satellite, microphones, sensors and communication among others

Key features

  • Improved antenna status monitoring through very accurate current sense
  • Digital status signal
  • Fewer external components
  • Adjustable current limitation
  • Open load, short circuit, amplifier operation mode and multi-antenna observation


  • Active antenna for AM/FM, DAB, GPS, satellite
  • Microphones for hands-free car kits
  • ATV camera systems
  • Industrial applications
  • LNAs (digital TV, AM/FM, etc.)

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