Active Antenna: Power Supply and Function

Active Antenna Power Supply

The TLF4277-2 is the ideal companion IC to supply active antennas for car infotainment applications. The adjustable output voltage makes the TLF4277-2 capable of supplying the majority of standard active antennas such as FM/AM, DAB XM and SIRIUS.


System Benefits

  • Improved active antenna lifetime
  • Less external components
  • Faster reaction time for the Microcontroller at error cases
  • Very accurate current sense
  • Active antenna supply usable for AM/FM, DAB, GPS, Satellite, Microphoes, Sensors, Communication ...

Key Features

  • Improved antenna status monitoring by very accurate current sense
  • Digital status signal
  • Less external components
  • Adjustable current limitation
  • Open load, short circuit, ampfiler operation modus and multi antenna observation


  • Active antenna for AM/FM, DAB, GPS, Satellite
  • Microphones for hands free car kit
  • ATV camera systems
  • Industrial applications
  • LNAs (Digital TV, AM FM, ...)