Industrial communication

As capabilities in industrial communication grow, new challenges crop up. Topics currently making waves: How to optimally handle real-time communication protocols? Or, what’s required for robust and failsafe wireless communication? The fact that nearly every machine today comes with a communication interface is also changing the game. Internet connected devices require secured communication to prevent data manipulation or theft. Infineon’s highly-secure microcontrollers are the right choice: they ensure data security and integrity based on leading hardware-based security. This is especially vital in environments with mission critical M2M (Machine to Machine) applications, such as production plants.

Dedicated semiconductor solutions from Infineon are specifically engineered to support industrial communication applications. Available with consideration for the projected time to market and at the price point that fits your budget. Take advantage of our outstanding technical expertise in industrial communication standards. Just describe what you’re looking for, and we’ll provide insight, demo platforms, and full software and driver support – whenever you need it.

Industrial communication system diagram