Human machine interface

From touch panels to industrial plants: choice components for your project

Given the harsh surroundings of industrial environments, a human machine interface (HMI) device must be especially robust. On the one hand, it needs to be easy to use. On other the other, it should provide varying access levels. And the price for quality must be just right. Ideally, all components can be procured from one source – less effort for you and the peace of mind that the microcontrollers, power supply and peripherals will work together seamlessly.

Infineon delivers all this and more. We offer a full-spectrum portfolio of high-quality solutions for all of your human machine interface needs. You can even test your HMI prototype on our demo platform based on the XMC4000 Application Kit, so you know what you’re getting before you commit. As security grows in importance, Infineon leads the way with semiconductors that are second to none in terms of embedded security. Our M2M-optimized microcontrollers, the SLM 97 and SLI 97 families, help establish secured communication between devices, such as production equipment connected via internet in an industrial environment. Dedicated application know-how and proven track record of outstanding technical expertise ensure that your HMI is in good hands with Infineon.

Human machine interface system diagram