Programmable logic controller for home and building automation

The rise of the smart home

Once merely a vision, the smart home is rapidly becoming a reality. At its core is a programmable logic controller. Your challenge: engineer PLC system designs that provide energy efficient, secure and cost-effective management of a range of home systems. Including heating and air conditioning, window shades, alarms, access control and lighting.

PLC system diagram

Design secure and efficient programmable logic controller applications

Infineon is well versed in all aspects of the smart home and PLC system requirements. In our broad portfolio of high quality products, find secure, efficient components and solutions with a high level of integration to maximize your designs. Such as our protected, smart high-side switches with diagnostic features in the Industrial PROFET™ family.

For security, turn to our OPTIGA™ family. These proven solutions protect PLC systems with scalable, easy to integrate security, so you can enhance your designs with security solutions that support authentication and secured data transfer, among others. Also achieve efficient energy management with our intelligent sensors. Explore our offer to find the best solutions for your PLC automation designs.