HVAC ventilation

Designing with today’s demands in mind

What counts today in HVAC ventilation designs? Noise reduction, for one, as well as system efficiency and reliability. As the smart home goes from concept to reality, ventilation systems must be ready to integrate into an overall home automation system, so they need security features to prevent attacks. Designs must also be cost effective to achieve long-term success on the market.

Automatic ventilation system diagram

Your one-stop shop for HVAC ventilation system designs

At Infineon we are 100% ready to support your automatic ventilation system designs. In fact, we are your one-stop shop for sensors, microcontrollers and power ICs. Overcome today’s biggest design challenges with ease using our innovative products for efficient, robust power management and motor control. Also, enjoy the peace of mind of zero defect: choose Infineon for HVAC ventilation applications and get components and easy-to-integrate turnkey solutions engineered following the highest quality standards.

Benefit from our wide, scalable portfolio with products for nearly every voltage or power. Looking for integrated protection and diagnostics features? We offer them too. Ensure your design is equipped with cutting-edge security features with our OPTIGA™ Trust product family. Explore our HVAC ventilation application to learn more!