HVAC valves

Your challenge: robustness, year after year

What counts most in HVAC valve designs? Solutions that are reliable and robust, and engineered for a long lifetime. Also, integrated protection against fake spare parts is a must. To achieve all this, you need robust semiconductors that work hard long-term, even under extreme conditions. And ones with fast switching capabilities to support proportional control of HVAC valves.

HVAC valves system diagram

Reliable, easy-to-integrate solutions from Infineon

Here your search for optimized components for HVAC valve applications comes to a happy end. In Infineon’s broad portfolio of products and integrated system solutions, you’ll find everything you need to overcome even the trickiest design challenges, and enjoy complete design flexibility. For instance, our reliable, fast-switching and PWM-capable 24V high- and low-side switches in the PROFET™ and HITFET™ families. Both offer integrated protection and diagnostics for HVAC control valves.

Also, discover our 3D magnetic sensor for position detection, enabling precise and efficient HVAC valve position detection. Our commitment to zero defect means you get sensors, microcontroller and power products that uphold the highest quality standard. Reliable and easy-to-integrate, our authentication solutions eliminate any counterfeiting risks. Explore this application and products to find products for your automatic valves designs.