HVAC pumps

The growing list of HVAC pump requirements

Noise reduction, system efficiency and reliability are the main demands placed on today’s HVAC pump designs, whether they are intended for water, heat or gas. With smart homes on the rise, security features are in the spotlight: HVAC pumps must be equipped for integration into a home automation system and keep attackers at bay. There’s also pressure to keep your HVAC pump design as cost effective as possible.

HVAC pump system diagram

How to overcome HVAC pump design challenges

With our expertise and full-spectrum portfolio, at Infineon we are ready to help make your HVAC pump design a long-term success. Did you know we are your one-stop shop for sensors, microcontrollers and power ICs? Efficiency and robustness is no problem when you source our leading system power management and motor control components, available for a wide range of power and voltage requirements. Learn more about our unique product portfolio of highly integrated motor control solutions. Protected low and high side switches for hydraulic or pneumatic management of HVAC pumps round out the offer.

Looking for a leading-edge security solution? Look no further than our easy-to-integrate turnkey authentication solutions from our OPTIGA™ Trust family. Whether it’s a HVAC water pump, HVAC heat pump, HVAC vacuum pump or HVAC condensate pump, you’ll find the right components for your designs with Infineon.