Embraco's heart beats for refrigerators

Energy-saving compressors equipped with Infineon devices

The fridge is a well-known friend in our daily life and thanks to intelligent power control it can also be economical. Learn how Embraco compressors save energy in modern refrigerators equipped with Infineon semiconductor solutions.

The compressor is the heart of every refrigerator. And Embraco is the world's technology leader of this crucial piece of technology. Embraco has been a pioneer in the development of variable speed compressors. The Embraco Fullmotion compressor varies the cooling capacity according to need, providing a reduction in energy consumption by up to 40%.

The smart principle of inverterization

By constantly gathering data, such as temperature, humidity and motor rotational speed, sensors enable a refrigerator to run efficiently. Based on this data, a mini computer, or microcontroller, calculates the control commands required. Power chips, true energy savers, implement these for the motor’s optimum rotational speed, keeping the fridge’s temperature constant. This is much more efficient than always turning the motor on or off.

Embraco's intelligent inverters have sensors that identify the temperature inside the cabinet. The sensors send signals to the compressor, changing its speed to reach the target temperature in a more efficient way. Thanks to Infineon’s inverter solution based on 6 high-voltage CoolMOSTM transistors, and 3 half-bridge drivers Embraco compressors can adjust the speed to the actual cooling need of the refrigerator.

Advantages at a glance

  • Energy saving of up to to 40% compared to conventional compressors.
  • Being the most quietest compressors in the market, noise and vibration levels are significantly lower because of non-continuous operation under full load.
  • More durable thanks to gently starting engines, thus lower operating hours under constant load.
  • Better food preservation thanks to a more stable temperature inside the cabinet.

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Embraco, as a technology leader company in the sector of hermetic compressors for refrigeration, has a commitment to invest in innovation and sustainability. Embraco offers solutions that are more environmentally friendly, challenging prevailing technologies.

This is why Embraco and Infineon are working together to reduce the world’s energy consumption.

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Embraco and Infineon – working together to reduce the world’s energy consumption.

Compressors go green

See the Embraco VESF compressor in action, and learn why it is able to save up to 40% of energy.

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