Semiconductor solutions for future mobile trends

The world is growing ever more networked. More and more people are always connected to the Internet even when they’re on the go. So the need is growing for modern infrastructure, mobile applications, secure communications, and solutions for the efficient use of electrical power.

Infineon offers semiconductor solutions that reduce power requirements, secure the exchange of sensitive data, allow higher transmission rates, and make new mobile applications a reality. And all that with components that do more in less and less space – thereby using decreasingly power. So we are not only able to support mobile trends, but actively shape them. And ensure that the lives of users become easier, safer and greener.

Inspiring mobile business

Performance and security for the connected world

The world is evolving into a place of always-on interconnectivity. Infineon offers next-generation semiconductor solutions to meet the system demands of future mobile trends. We deliver inspired concepts that unleash our customers’ business creativity.

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Exploring Barcelona with smart devices

Smartphones have become indispensable companions in our daily lives. Precise navigation, secure mobile payment, fast and reliable connectivity: Products and solutions from Infineon enable various applications in mobile communication. See how mobile devices support a family visit to Barcelona and how Infineon makes life easier, safer and greener.

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