Industry 4.0 – The change has already begun

Driven by the progress of digitalization, in Industry 4.0 intelligent, networked systems make almost entirely self-organizing, highly automated production processes a reality. Machines and humans communicate with one another in a completely new dimension.

"Smart Manufacturing", the production world of the future, is fast, efficient and flexible. Products and production processes control and optimize themselves and react to individual preferences and requirements in real-time. Resources are used more efficiently, new value creation chains, business models and market potentials appear: All decisive prerequisites for remaining internationally competitive in the future.

Infineon is an Industry 4.0 expert – both as user and supplier:
Products and solutions from Infineon establish important prerequisites for the fourth Industrial Revolution.
Infineon's own manufacturing sites are already applying many of the technologies and methods of Industry 4.0 today.

Industry in transition

Industry Pioneer: Semiconductor Manufacturing

Once steam power revolutionized our personal and working lives. Later it was mass production based on electric energy and the invention of the computer that made established manufacturing processes more and more productive. Today we stand on the verge of the fourth Industrial Revolution. Semiconductor manufacturing is already benefitting from the advantages of connected, intelligent production.

Industry 4.0 in a nutshell