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Summary of Features:

  • N-channel - Enhancement mode
  • Automotive AEC Q101 qualified
  • MSL1 up to 260°C peak reflow
  • 175°C operating temperature
  • Green package (lead free)
  • Ultra low Rds(on)
  • 100% Avalanche tested


  • world's lowest RDS at 55V (on)  in planar technology
  • highest current capability
  • lowest switching and conduction power losses for highest thermal efficiency
  • robust packages with superior quality and reliability
  • Optimized total gate charge enables smaller driver output stages

Target Applications:

  • Valves control
  • Solenoids control
  • Lighting
  • Single-ended motors


Parametric IPP80N06S2L-11
Package   PG-TO220-3-1
RDS (on) (@10V)  max 11.0mΩ
RDS (on)  max 11.0mΩ
RDS (on) (@4.5V)  max 14.7mΩ
QG   62.0nC 
VDS  max 55.0V
ID  max 80.0A
RthJC  max 0.95K/W
Ptot  max 158.0W
IDpuls  max 320.0A
VGS(th)  min  max 1.2V  2.0V


Data SheetInfo

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133 KB 13 Jul 2012 01_01

Product Brochure

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3.5 MB 26 Mai 2015 01_00

Application Notes

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Application Brochure

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6.9 MB 01 Jun 2013 00_00


Sales Product Name IPP80N06S2L-11
Product Status active and preferred
Order online
Package Name PG-TO220-3
Completely lead free no
Halogen free yes
RoHS compliant yes
Packing Size 500
Packing Type TUBES


Evaluation Boards

Board Family Description Status
EASYKIT AUX DRIVES Automotive IGBT Modules, , XC27x8X Series, Linear Voltage Regulators for Automotive-Applications, Automotive CAN Transceivers, General Purpose Transistor, Medium Power IF max ≥ 500mA, 20V-800V N-Channel and P-Channel Small Signal MOSFET, General Purpose High Speed Switching Diode, Isolated Gate Driver IC, 50V-80V N-Channel Automotive MOSFET The Evaluation Kit “EASYKIT AUX DRIVES” is a DC/AC inverter system for the Easy Automotive Power Module FS50R07W1E3_B11A. It is designed for driving 3ph motors up to 5kW from DC supply voltages <450V. The documentation includes the circuit design, layout data, etc. and enables an accelerated start towards your air conditioning compressor (HVAC), oilpump, or similar auxiliary drives applications in your xEV system.
  • FS50R07W1E3
  • 2ED020I12
  • XC2768
  • TLE7274
  • TLE8250
  • BSO604
  • BCW66
  • BCW67
  • BAS3010
  • BC847
  • BSS670
  • BAS16
on request
EASYKIT DCDC Linear Voltage Regulators for Automotive-Applications, Medium Power IF max ≥ 500mA, High Speed Switching, Clipping and Clamping, General Purpose Transistor, General Purpose High Speed Switching Diode, Automotive IGBT Modules, Isolated Gate Driver IC, 50V-80V N-Channel Automotive MOSFET The Evaluation Kit “EASYKIT DCDC” is a DC/DC converter system for the Easy Automotive Power Module F4-50R07W1H3_B11A. It is designed to power 14V loads up to 170A from a high voltage supply net.The F4-50R07W1H3_B11A is a cost efficient solution for automotive applications based on HighSpeed IGBT3 and Rapid Diode 650V implemented which is driven in the Full Bridge Phase Shift ZVT converter topology at 100kHz.
  • F4-50R07W1H3
  • 1ED020I12
  • 2ED020I12
  • IPB180N08
  • TLE7274
  • BSO604
  • BAS3010
  • BAT64
  • BC817
  • BAS16
  • SMBD914
on request


Simulation Models

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175 KB 11 Jun 2012 01_00


Automotive Power MOSFETs

Automotive Power MOSFETs

Based on the combination of innovative packaging technology and Infineon’s thin wafer process technology, the new 40V OptiMOS™ T2 power MOSFETs offer best-in- class specifications. Infineon uses a diffusion soldering die attach approach to produce dedicated products in TO263, TO220 and TO262. Four OptiMOS™ T2 products in these packages are ready for production: the IPB160N04S4-02D (with 160A in a TO263 package), the IPB100N04S4-02D (with 100A in TO263) and the IPP/I100N04S4-03D (with 100A in TO220 and TO262). With those products, Infineon exceeds current RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances) directives related to lead-based solder used to attach silicon chips to packages. Stricter ELV RoHS directives pending implementation after 2014 may require 100% lead-free packaging. The new Infineon devices allow customers to meet these stricter requirements.
Length 6:01


Material Content SheetInfineon Support">Info

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23 KB 31 Okt 2013 01_00



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